Friday, July 30, 2010

What is OpenGTS Now?

OpenGTS Now! is an Ubuntu based Linux distribution that comes ready to deploy with a full installation of the OpenGTS free GPS tracking server.

OpenGTS is the most accomplished and powerful free and open source GPS tracking solution available today.

The very single drawback that still holds back many not-so-technical people from installing and using it is its complexity and difficulty of installation and configuration.

OpenGTS Now! solves this problematic situation and comes ready to work almost out of the box! you only need to choose your language and map provider, add devices ...etc.

Many configurations are to the present day still done directly on the config files, but graphical (next,next,next style) wizards are planned and will be available on later versions.

Technically speaking, OpenGTS Now! relies mainly on the following foundation:
- Ubuntu Linux server edition.
- Java (virtual machine and compiler).
- Apache Tomcat (Application server).
- Apache Ant (build tool)
- MySQL (database)
- OpenGTS (GPS Tracking Server).
- Many device communication servers (provided by the OpenGTS project).

The first version of OpenGTS Now will be available for download very soon!


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